• What We're Doing

    We're on a mission to reinvent the sandwich category; autonomously


    Sell millions of $16.00 gourmet fried chicken sandwiches to millions of consumers for about $6.00.

    This is a disruptive value proposition people will remember.


    Mission: Make the best fried chicken sandwich anywhere

    We use only farm fresh, free range American chicken and locally harvested ingredients to make Roosters' amazing gourmet fried chicken sandwiches. Higher quality and lower price is only achievable by changing the way restaurants are built and operated.


    Mission: Invent intelligent and friendly food-maker robot restaurants

    Our Rooster Robots will have a single purpose - to make your best fried chicken sandwich exactly the way you like it, every time. Roostersbot is your personal chicken sandwich chef and will remember everything about your order and experience, even your face!


    Mission: Produce the highest cash flows in the restaurant industry

    Imagine a restaurant that can generate 40% profit margins and return your investment in a year. Yep, it's really possible and that's why we are investing in this new segment and plan to offer franchises.


    Mission: Startup and be in business in days not months

    Once a Roostersbot site has been secured and approved, look for a water hookup, if possible, but even that's not mandatory. Really, all you need is electricity and 100 sq. ft. and maybe some common area seating.

  • Why This All Makes Sense

    Societal forces of change suggest a new business plan.


    Disrupting any industry much less an $800 billion one is bold and visionary. But, the future is here and so is the reality that restaurant just don't work very well with high labor costs, costly government mandates, and high real estate costs, among other industry-wide challenges. Some things have to change and we think we have an awesome idea and timely solution to industry-wide operations and concept problems.


    America’s favorite and most familiar food is chicken. Roostersbot is addressing this multi-billion dollar craving by disrupting traditional fried chicken franchises, using advanced robotics, software, smart branding, smart apps, voice ordering and decades of restaurant expertise to deliver a higher quality, more affordable and entertaining fried chicken sandwich product, in about 100 sq. ft.


    We are operators at heart with decades of experience running some of the world's largest restaurant franchises and being award-winning executive chefs at some of America's top restaurants. We're helping to invent an entirely new restaurant segment that will change how restaurants are designed, financed, built and operated.


    The enabling technologies that power the modern restaurant industry, combined with our technical abilities in design, software development, engineering and robotics, makes today a great year to start a robot restaurant company. Add order ahead and delivery apps, near ubiquitous smartphone use and access to broadband, and sophisticated tech-savvy consumers, the lights sort of just turn green for opportunistic entrepreneurs. We're excited!


    Customers, like you, are time challenged and this isn't new. This means operators are competing not just on food, price, ambiance, menu selection, location, quality of service and reviews, but now, more than ever, operators compete for time and attention. There is a reason the two-martini lunch is history and why the fast casual segment is winning and casual dining is being challenged. TIME. Who has time for a two hour lunch? We want what we want when we want it and we want it conveniently, affordable and fast.

  • "I like humans, but on the transactional occasion that a limited-service restaurant experience generally is, I don’t see a need for one to be between me and my sandwich."

    - Bret Thorn, NRN

    • According to a McKinsey & Company analysis, 73 percent of the activities workers perform in food service “have the potential for automation.” 
    • A 2015 study out of Oxford University gave fast-food preparation and service a 92 percent probability of becoming automated, albeit over an unspecified period. 
    • Yum! Brands CEO Greg Creed says automation will replace fast-food workers within a decade.
    • The robots are coming...Flippy, Sally and Cafex, Zume and Blendid, among others, are pioneering autonomous opportunities today.
  • "It's cheaper to buy a $35,000 robotic arm than it is to hire an employee who's inefficient making $15 an hour bagging French fries."

    – Edward Rensi, Former McDonald's President on FOX Business Network



    Use your voice, our app or kiosk to order ahead and pay for your sandwich. Rooster will remember and reward you.



    Rooster will get to work, breading and frying a chicken patty, toasting buns, adding the slaw and sauce just for you. 



    Boxed hot, just grab and go to bring home several sandwiches to share with your friends and family. Yum!

  • Where Will Roostersbot Grow?

    Roostersbot Restaurants will be about 10' X 10', or 100 sq. ft. They will be fully self-contained and operate autonomously - without FOH or BOH staff. Wherever there is electricity, we're good to go!




    Military Bases

    Cruise Ships


    Food Courts




  • When Will Roostersbot Crow?

    Inventing something new does takes time...so we'll keep you informed.
    So, we're thinking sometime in early 2020.
    Give us your name and email address so we can update you from time to time.

  • Who We Are

    We are technologists, chefs, operators, restaurateurs and robot makers

    Roosters Robot

    Chicken sandwich robot makers

    Our founders, advisors and team members are distinguished, accomplished professionals, executives and entrepreneurs with high profiles in the food, restaurant and technology sectors. Combined, we have about 200 years of restaurant business experience at public and private chains worldwide and decades of software development expertise with many food, tech and media startups behind us.


    We know the industry problems we preach first hand and believe Roostersbot addresses them. We are also passionate about the restaurant industry, deeply connected to thought-leaders and think it's high-time for reinvention. We also believe 2019 will be the year autonomous restaurants will start being taken seriously. What you you think?


    Chicken sandwich robot makers

    The Company is assembling an all-star advisory board for franchising, operations, finance, robotics and engineering, and seeking a full-time CTO and project manager post funding.

    • Michael L. Atkinson - Founder - Michael is a RestTech entrepreneur and investor with over 30 years of restaurant, technology and investment banking experience. Michael is a food technology influencer, former CFO at Cheeseburger in Paradise and Aqua Development Corporation and current CEO at orderscape.com, a order automation technology company.
    • Laurent Manrique - Founder - Laurent Manrique is a French restaurateur and Michelin-starred chef. Currently overseeing projects in New York and San Francisco, Laurent has extensive professional experience in both locales with over 30 years of food, beverage and restaurant operations experience.
    • Edward H. Rensi - Advisor - Retired president and chief executive officer of McDonald’s USA, currently serves as an executive consultant to McDonald’s Restaurant Systems. He has been a member of McDonald’s Board of Directors since 1982.
    • Stuart Pesko - Advisor - Robotics and automation engineer, with Bachelors and Masters degrees in engineering and applied physics from Harvard.
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